Why Text Message Advertising Is The Hottest and Most Cost Effective Marketing Strategy

Text message advertising is the hottest marketing strategy happening right now.

text message advertisingIn fact, it is happening so quickly that many small to medium businesses are either unaware of its power or are unsure just what all of it means. Smart marketers know that mobile devices are quickly evolving to powerful handheld computers. The volume of text messages already surpass that of mobile voice calls. And, getting just a small portion of that volume by using targeted text message advertising is something a business must consider if they are to compete.

Think about it. What are the three things a person takes with them when they leave the house in the morning? They grab their keys, their wallet or purse, and their mobile phone. One advantage of mobile advertising is that it is near immediate and can be targeted precisely. Mobile ads can appear targeted for specific geographical locations and times. If there is an art show in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for example, a gallery can target potential customers who are visiting Santa Fe at that time.

In a very short time, most everyone will own a smart phone that enables them to access the internet, make payments with their phone, send photos, watch videos and more. In Japan, for example, smart phones are quickly becoming the default way to make payments when shopping. The term ‘mobile wallet’ describes this phenomena. As you can automatically lock your phone, paying by smart phone (you just swipe the phone over a sensor at the cashier) can actually be more secure than a traditional credit card, which can be lost. The shear domination of smart phones as being part of daily life is just one more reason why text message advertising and mobile marketing is something to consider for your business now.

Those that get in the ground floor in mobile marketing will have an advantage over their competition as they will have built up large subscription lists that their competition will not have. If they have 5,000 people subscribed to their text message advertising, for example, in an instant they can text all of their subscribers with a special offer. Unlike traditional email, most text messages are opened within 5 minutes. And, the open rate for text messages is over 90%! Compare this to 2%, which is the open rate for traditional email messages and you can see the power of mobile marketing.

Perhaps it is time to find out how text message advertising can benefit your business. Compared to traditional print, television or radio advertising, text message advertising is very cost effective.

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